Sunday, December 30, 2007


Aaaaannnnddd, I...

So...the wrap-up. Two and half skeins and an excellent use of some hard to place fabric I've had around for awhile. The one downside to having to put a lining in a knitted bag, besides actually having to sit still and sew, is that the maximum capacity of the knitted capsule suddenly deceases to the maximum capacity of what the sewn lining will hold. I swear, I probably could've shoved and entire comforter into this granny sack before sewing the lining into it. While I can still pack a whole lotta' project love in there, I was a little sad to see the potential for mass storage go by the wayside.

...will always loooove...

No matter the moot point, I love this bag. I will always love this bag. And I hope my children feel remorse for packing it up and sending it off to the Goodwill with all the other knitted chaff when I die. In my head, this baby is an heirloom. Plushy and soft, darn near perfect seaming, lined with love and hand-sewn hidden stitching; it's a vision of delicately tweeded acrylic perfection. Ahhh.....


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Gave Away...

Red Heart Soft Yarn, Honey. Sz. 9 needle.

My favorite-est knit to date went to Mom....the Hemlock Ring Blanket by Jared Flood. It was the fastest, most satisfying thing ever to do. Took less than a week and more beautiful than I'd expected it would be at the start of the knit. I'm totally making another another for myself.

Also gifted a pair of Fetching mitts, to my niece, in Cascade 220, teal with little purple fibers running through it. There were very well-received (better than I hoped for actually), but I snapped no pictures before wrapping. No doubt, you've seen them before anyway.


Counterpane Carpet Bag, Carrie Brenner (from handknit Holidays, by Melanie Falick)
Sz. 9 needles, Moda Dea Tweedle Dee yarn and I won't be using the handles in the pic. Oops.

All Wrappd Up

See the half-of-a-straightpin, there in the bottom? This is the gift we got from my son's orthopedic surgeon after two days and many mind-numbing hours spent in waiting rooms to have it extracted from kiddo's foot. It's good to know those nurses in the outpatient surgery center have a good sense of humor. Hehehe...

Merry Christmas, all!

Thursday, December 06, 2007


How long is fortnight exactly? If I calculated the time spent avoiding the blog, I'd say it's been at least fortnight or two, right? Aww, well, anyway. T'is life.

But I made stuff and I frogged stuff and I made plans to frog more stuff that I made. And I drew a little too. See!

2 hr. pose

Like I told my people*, I'm a little proud of this drawing. I was in the company of a two very talented people and a little terrified I'd freeze, but I didn't and well,......I like how it turned out. It's fairly large, on 18" X 24" newsprint with vine charcoal. Toot, Toot! (Yeah, that was my own horn.)

I've much knitting to talk about too; some of it (really super, fantastic) good, most of it bad. But collecting the evidence of such, takes a little time, so you'll get those updates later. Besides, a good knitting story should have all the passion of a cheap romance novel and, frankly, I'm too zapped for that right now.

* This is one of my favorite expressions picked from the kids. It was coined the year that we moved into our new house and the boys were making new friends in the neighborhood. Getting up to go play outside with this new group of boys, coming and going with his brothers, my 4yr. son informed his daddy that he "was going outside to be with his people." He's still that cute, some three years later.