Monday, April 06, 2009

Love It, Love It Not......LOVE IT

This started as hipster-chic thing. I kept seeing all these youthful, trendy types with those re-hash Arabic scarves with all tips towards the front. An old fashion trend, come back to life in an array of primary colors. It's cute, but I figured I'd have more fun making my own. So I took some Rowan Felted Tweed and some vintage German yarn* that a friend gave me years ago and started striping away on Kate Gagnon's Springtime Bandit pattern. It's a great little pattern. Not too lacy really, a little geometric, and quickest little pattern out there. Even after adding several extra repeats to make up for the thinner yarns I was using. My only (minor) drama was running out of the grey tweed and not wanting to buy a third skein for a mere inch of knitting. So I took a chance with the ivory Kydd Silk ( that I've had around here for a few years now. I figured it would soften the edge some, adding some contrast, and deep inside I think it makes it look a little French romantic. Sort of a style weakness of mine.I really wish you could see the variegation on the reddish yarn. Up close, you can see the red is spun with shades of yellow, green, purple, and blue. And it has a big changes between a lofty spin and a tight spin. In other words, it was worth hanging on this yarn for the last four years. It's found it's true purpose with this shawl.I lurves it. Like I lurves this diddy of a shawl. And my fashion maven girls, who wholly approved of throwing caution to the wind with this project.

* Country Club Collection, Fantacolor. Color, "Flamme". 70% Shurwolle, 30% Polyacryl.