Thursday, September 14, 2006

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Since, I haven't the brain power lately to actually take pictures of anything that I'd be likely to post about, I'm going to, shamelessly, borrow a post of a most fascinating puppet video (who'da thunk it?, right), originally mentioned on Drawn!. I'm just so intrigued by her eyes and the work they put into perfecting the whole performance. Enchanting.

And that something new mom-mobile. And, yes, I'm just showing off. Oh yes, my love for it is....true blue. Har har...elbow in the side. As a corndog family we're still trying to find the right name for her. Current favorite seems to be "Blue Steel". You know... Ben Stiller, Zoolander, the "look". Get it. And now you all know, it's not just me; the hubby thought up that one*.

*The proof.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

New Car Smell

Day tripping in our first EVER new car.

All Fall Down