Friday, February 06, 2009

Cobwebs and Painted Heads

This place is covered with em'. Maybe I should, errr..., blog again. Don't know what happened to the year gone by. But I do believe I did stuff, that might, maybe be of some interest to some of you. Maybe. Gosh though, I gave away most of the knits I finished this year, without ever getting pictures. Christmas knitting was as out control as I get with give-aways. However, you'll just have to take my word on it. But do you know what I did do since I last wrote here? I put a painting in a gallery show. Teehee...

So Pretty, Susan Carter 2009.

That was fun. I was seriously afraid of not hitting the right mark. I love old school illustration; this town is sorta' 'Blue Dog'. In fact, that Roderigue fella' who paints him, he sorta' lives here. And for such a small community, we have a peculiar sensibilty for modern folk art. There's a big market for cajun conceptual, it seems. (Remind me to elaborate on it sometime.)

So anyway, it was an open-call sorta show, all artists could throw in if they could afford the entrance fee. We all got 12x12 masonite panels and could do with them as we pleased. So I pulled up my big girl panties and paid my $20 and daughter. She, of course, contributed her lovely colorings for this project too. I figured at least I'd love the outcome if nobody else did. And given that piece didn't sell, I was just as tickled pink to bring her home and hang her on my wall. It was the Christmas gift I gave myself.

There were many, many others too. Not just these.

It was nice show though. Alot of artists threw in for it, from college students to country watercolorists. Some of my friends showed. Some of their former professors did too. And I got to take my girls out for the evening.