Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dump and Run

Note: One kid missing from all kid....the only one to make Honor Roll all year long. Very smart indeed.
This post is for the sole purpose of letting my love ones know that, indeed, I do have a pulse and my children haven't eaten me...quite yet. Total hair loss may be imminent in one weeks' time (next Friday is the last day of school) and I may only declare guardianship over one, maybe two, of my (lucky to be alive) beloved offspring through the summer vacation. As a devoted expression of love, at least one of "them" has missed the bus each and every day for the last two weeks. "Them" has developed a new decibel with to communicate their undying irritation with one another; a decibel that only serves to signal Super Stressed Mom with the power of the wooden spoon-shaped hand.
Best dog ever.
Did I mention we got a dog too? Who broke his leg the first week home? Err, let's see...Cost of adoption: $50. Cost to absolve oneself of guilt for playing with wet dog on wet linoleum floor and being the direct cause of rescued dog's immediate return to a stinky kennel with a pin in his leg: $600. Watching a child's face sour when you tell them they have to pick up the affected dog's poop: priceless.

When two "pins" are better than one.
Ahhh....but here comes summer. Sleeping late, plugging children into video game consoles and a swimming pool one block away. I'm only thinking the happy thoughts right now and I won't even acknowledge the extra cooking, cleaning, and ass-whoopings. Kidding...kidding....learn to laugh a little...jeesh. Anyway, therapy for all this cozy family bonding of late has been crochet, wee bits of knitting and more crochet. I'm a bender of sorts. Wanna see? Well, you'll just have to wait till next time....I hear kids.

Devil in disguise.