Monday, May 14, 2007

I've Got Rhythm

Two lots of Jojoland, Rhythm. (Purty, ain't it?)

Pattern: Lizard Ridge-


Friday, May 11, 2007

Extra Credit Work

It's was Teacher Appreciation week at the kids' school. This year I was aiming for "Please forgive my absence as a parent who should be thrilled to serve punch, chaperon a field trip (or two), and wipe a couple of noses just so the teach' could get a ten minute break." But I really and truly hate doing all of those things and, boy, did it show this year. So, what you see here is my way of saying I'd avoid doing it all, all over again.

So let's add it up....three teachers + two embellished Mason Dixon felt boxes + one 'Backyard Leaves' scarf that I was clearly never going to wear since I'd finished it five months earlier and never actually bothered to it seam together = one 'C' average mom with high marks in home economy. But hey, a 'C' is still passing, right?