Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I Heart NYC

Good gravy, it's been a fun month. There's nothing like jet planes, shopping, and a gorgeous wedding to help shake off the winter doldrums. As a matron-of-honor in my closest of close friends wedding, I was gifted a plane ticket to New York City, to spend the weekend with the "girls". While I should feel guilty about going all the way to NYC and not doing the "cultured" thing, I don't. It was a delightfully girly experience. High priority was given to a trip to Anthropologie (joy!) and H&M, as well as being ushered into the world of Sephora, which was much like stumbling into the oddies tent of a traveling circus for someone who didn't even own a curling iron before this weekend.

What I'd forgotten about the city was how effortless it is to be apart of the world of fine art there. We casually traipsed past some some very large Botero sculptures at the entrance of the make-up store and gawked at the paintings hanging at the entrance of The Metropolitan Opera House, which was right around the corner of our temporary domicile. It was freaking fabulous.

I strolled through Chinatown with new found friends. I dined at Blue Ribbon at four in the morning and it was, without a doubt, the best meal I've ever had. I bought Tibetan jewelry for next to nothing in Soho and I even glimpsed a celebrity at work. And while that particular weekend was exceptional, it was nothing compared to the last, in which I got to see my closest of close friends tie the knot. But that is a post unto itself, shortly to follow. With pictures. Probably.