Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Scatter Brained

Yep....that's exactly how I'm feeling these days. Not much for blogging, ho-hum on knitting, distracted by bridesmaids' dresses, collecting music like it's going out of style, and pondering the deeper design potential of the word "Airline". Sounds like bad case of seasonally affected disorderly conduct, doesn't it? It's not. OK, maybe just the first two. I digress, but I can explain.

Turns out, the ideas we put forth last December, for that local charity event, put my friends and I in good standing with the organizers and we were asked to give it a "go" again. Didn't hurt the ego any to be asked early on in the process this time either. So, we agreed and our new mission is to research an "Airline" theme. Right now, we've got a mish-mosh of design ideas ranging from the super mod 60's look of Eero Saarinen and, well, a lot of other stuff. No doubt, it's going to be another interesting project.

This is also the year I get to stand in another dear friend's wedding, which of course, means a bridesmaid dress. A not-ugly-at-all, cloud-colored-with-a-brown-sash kinda bridesmaid dress, in fact. (We got to choose our grown-up!) I have yet to thank the bride ENOUGH for not demanding that we wear something like...... this. Oy, that's alotta' ugly. Me thinks, I ought to thank her with a copy of this gem-of-a-book. Don't you?

About that music thing, I'm generally not much of a music person. I like it, I buy an occasional CD, I listen to Pandora when my kids' voices aren't resonating at a decibel level that would deafen a dog, but I can't really say that I'm "into it." So, I dug around a little, finding a really great local blog, Home of the Groove (who knew?) and acted on a couple friendly suggestions, finally making a couple of new purchases. And now, Janis has been updated to CD status, I now know much more about Dr. John's psychedelic roots, Norah was on sale, turns out I'm like a half-dozen Jack Johnson albums behind the rest of the world, and I'm totally going shopping for the Wild Magnolias after I leave this joint. Sometime's you just gotta' find a new groove, I guess.

Same goes for knitting. I saved this for last, well, because I feel like all knit and no play makes me a dull girl. So I'll make this brief. Restarted the "Endpaper Mitts". I'm afraid my hyacinth/med. grey combo is not as sophisticated as it could be, but they are going to match my favorite winter, sweater. The charts would look pretty great if adapted as a plaid, I decided, but no changes now since I'm hoping to finish these before Mardi Gras parade-hopping, this Tuesday. And those little center blocks DO look a little like like fleur d' lis, don't cha' think? Not that a single drunken soul along the parade route will ever notice but me. Fine, so long as I can still catch some beads.
Ya'll have a Happy Mardi Gras!!!



Blogger ladylinoleum said...

I am so with you in the state of blah-dom. I'm am such a bummer right now. I hate the gloomy days and my subsequent gloomy outlook. Hope your Fat Tuesday was a bright spot piercing the gray.

11:33 AM  

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