Saturday, February 03, 2007

Movin' Right Along

Finishing up old projects from last year and loving it. I'd gotten mighty distracted over the course of the year and had not realized how close I was to finishing a couple of projects that were put to the side. So, for lack of motivation (and yarn) to start anything that will require my utmost attention, I delved into the completion of these forgotten lovelies. I started with the mitered rug. It was perfect for an afternoon of watching the Saints go marching out. I just zipped through the last couple of dishcloths, seamed it, and started in the mitered border. Viola, done. Love it. My girls liked it too, so it's theirs now.

(Gotta' give my SIL credit for fancy-in' up the dresser---I love it!)

On to the "patchwork" blanket. I'd gotten slightly obsessed with making these rounds over the summer, but felt a bit overwhelmed by having to make so many, many more of them. So, I didn't. Once I'd found my zen again after seaming up the rug, I decided that I'd start seaming the blanket just to get an idea of how many more "patches" I'd need. Well, it's turns out that I'm seam-sewing addict. It's an all consuming fix. Just ask the husband.....oh wait, he's trolling Ebay right now. Seems he found his zen too.

Now, none of this highly productive activity has completely distracted me. No, I started and got 3/4 of an "Endpaper Mitt"....and then ripped it. Loved it, but was I clearly using the wrong yarn, I decided. Started and ripped at least three different scarves. Swatched and ripped. And just plain ripped a few things laying around, just 'cause I felt like it. I swear, one of these days, I'll give you all a non-knitting post. I promise.



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wow- you are getting stuff finished- nothing better!

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