Thursday, December 07, 2006

Look, Ma!

It's Mr. Bingle!!

For those who don't know or have any reason to know, Mr. Bingle is THE most beloved symbol of the Christmas season in New Orleans. He took his place on the side of the, now defunct, Maison Blanche building every year at the start of the shopping season, smack dab in center of Canal Street. Like the dreamy windows of Macy's in New York City, he captured the love of children and the hearts of all who live there. I can't explain it, but he just embodies the warmth of the holiday and, as the daughter of an area native, I heard many a happy stories about him as a child. Years ago, I moved there to go school and got to experience his joyful presence in the city first hand and now that I'm no longer in the city, it just tickles me to no end to see him represented on the internet for all to see.

So many people have written more eloquently about our unique wintry icon, that I leave you all with a list of some the best references I could muster.

In Search of Mr. Bingle

Saving Mr. Bingle

Mr. Bingle Fans

The Story of Mr. Bingle (for kids)



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