Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Lunar Madness

First, Thanks to everybody who stopped by my humble a-blog and left such cool comments. It means a lot, especially now that I've gotten a moment to ogle at all of your really great creations too. And a huge congrats to all those who won big over at Whip Up. So many great minds at one really neat site. Thanks!

Anyhoo, what's been keeping me from my computer is a stack of pantyhose, a box of balloons and a whole lot space madness. I was asked a close friend to help out with decorations at a local arts council fund-raiser, for a free pair of tickets to event, of course. Sounded innocent enough; I figured I'd just be doing grunt volunteer work blowing up balloons and laying out table cloths. Well, it turned out to be a little more than that. In a good way. Turns out, we, that being the artist folk, were asked to experiment and create mockettes of easy-to-make table sculptures according to a theme involving other-world exploration/ zen lunar garden. Hmm....OK! So, I started bending wire and stuffing balloons in tights and soon our labratory looked a little something like this....

A couple designs were approved by the lady in charge and I suddenly find myself making many more than I'd first anticipated. At least, more than I anticipated making......by myself. I've had to ignore my husband's chants of ," ...but can you finish them all on time?...you've got to make 100!...hurry!!!" But my nerves of steel prevail and I'm having a ball with this challenge. Who wouldn't love being surrounded by this much festive lunacy? It's certainly having a postive effect on the kids, I think.

My next mission, however, upon completion of these 30 some-odd tabletoppers, will be to find a fabulous looking dress, great shoes and all the swank adornments to match, in order to attend this soiree. It might just be my own mission impossible.

Postive effects, for sure.


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