Sunday, December 31, 2006

This Knitter's Karma

Caution: This is an analogy best suited for desperate knitters and those poorly versed in baseball lingo.

It's final inning, the bases are loaded, the visiting team is up by 74 stitches in the bind-off round, your only hitter is short 1 freaking foot of yarn and the stores won't be open on New Year's Day!!!!! DO YOU SEE IT?!? See it your right? Yes right there, next to the four remaining inches of the second WHOLE skein of black Red Heart Luster Sheen.....a color I didn't even much care for.....AGGHH!!!!

I....I....I'm beat. The yarn beat me. Not by much, but it beat me. Easily six months of my life, devoted to this shawl and I can't even finish the last foot of bind off...tonight. In fact, probably not tomorrow either. It has to be karma. What I haven't decided is whether or not this is the karma I'm leaving behind in 2006 and this just the final reminder that I should be more patient in the New Year and that good things really do come to those who wait OR if this is my impending karmic state for the entire year of 07'. Am I going to be destined for a whole year of just getting ---this close--- and not succeeding when it really me?

Or, maybe, it could just mean that as I enter the year 2007, writing this very post, that this should be THE year I learn to calculate yardage properly, without fuss, and give myself over to the mercy of the yarn, for better or for worse. Viva la Red Heart and it's wicked, wicked ways!!

Happy New Year, Everybody!!!

May the next year bring you much happiness and well-being to all that you love!!!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just passing thru on the Southern Blog Ring-didja get more yarn? Huh? See it thru!!!!!!!!


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