Saturday, August 05, 2006

An Inquiring Mind Wanted To Know.....

....the scale measurements of both the picture I'm enlarging from and the size of panel I'm painting on. So figuring that other people might also want to know(and since I promised anyway), I got myself coordinated, walked upstairs with the tape measure and jotted the figures down on my hand. Here's what we've got: the picture in the book is exactly 3 in. X 7 in. and the panel is exactly 24 in. X 48 in. The finished painting should fit quite nicely in it's spot above the bed, I think.

I hope I'm not wasting anybody's time posting this update. Truth is I've had little time to paint this week and will probably have even less time to paint next week, with kids starting school in 10 days* and all. Nevermind, I'm a little nervous about free-handing the lettering that will predominate the right side of the painting. Methods of xerox transfer have been discussed** and are still being contemplated to make the job easier, but there is a learning curve involved and that alone can screw a project up. We'll see what happens.

I think I resolved my issues with the large fin/wing area. I can live with it, which also means that "Butterflish" is approximately 90% done. Woo hoo! Not the winged babe on top, however.

* Jumping with joy. Doing a happy dance. Shouting from the mounataintops. All of the above will be done after I put all THREE of my boys on the bus. May sound terrible to some, but having a full house all summer, my proverbial cup has long since runneth over, been knocked off the counter and cracked to bits. Besides, I look forward to being girly with my girls for a bit.

**E. , I think it's hairspray that we couldn't remember. No?


Blogger Ginko Fabulous said...

no, it was acetone i think. thanks for reminding me, i looked it up and found a link to help: the painting just gets better and better, and it started off really good. i am on "pins and needles" waiting for it to be finished...

so M. is starting school this year? that is insane! i think he will always be a baby in my eyes (that sounds bad, but you know what i mean) oh my god, how quiet is your house going to be! and in just a couple of years, ALL of them will be gone during the day! holy bejeesus!

11:49 AM  
Blogger ladylinoleum said...

Just stunning! I'm sure that your lettering will be spectacular!

5:28 PM  

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