Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hello, My name is.....

.....and I have an addiction to cheap cotton yarn. And bags. And, well, lots of other kinds of yarn. And starting yarn related projects, but I digress. I'm only sorta kidding, folks. Twice now, this summer, I've found myself lugging around shopping bags full of yarn for projects that require the full spectrum of the rainbow. Not for the same project, mind you. Again I digress. So, what's a girl to do when she has an aversion to plastic shopping bags holding the precious contents of a works-in-progress? She must halt all further production until she whips up an appropriate and respectable yarn-hauling bag, of course! And, no doubt, you're thinking to yourself, "Isn't that just another project that she's going to have to haul around in a plastic grocery bag?" Indeed. But these are worthy stash-busting bags! Easy-to-make must-haves with hefty purpose and work-hard spirit! And they should be REALLY roomy too. Like I said, they've gotta hold the whole spectrum.

I could/should in fact learn to store said projects and pertinent yarn stashes in plastic tubs, stacked neatly in unassuming corners of my home, but I think that takes so much away from the obsessive nature of a yarn hoarding addiction. I want to see the yarn. I want to be surrounded by all potential productiveness that the bags hold inside. I want to be constantly reminded that if I chose not to finish the blanket I started two months ago, that I have bags of other options just hanging around burdening my conscience. "Finish, woman, finish SOMETHING other than cotton-picking bags you put us in!," they scream at me everyday before I head downstairs for a cup of coffee. Boxes just don't motivate like that.

And lest you think I spend a massive amount dough on my addiction, I'm hear to tell you that once you find yourself skipping meals in order to satiate your junky knit fix, you find that food costs WAY more than handful of $1.25 Peaches N' Cream yarn. Fewer calories, too. Truthfully, I think I've spent more in library fines on knitting/crochet books and the paper I print patterns
on, thanks to a close friend with excessive yarnage. And Ebay too. Oh, and Hobby Lobby...... when Wal-Mart doesn't have what I want.

So behold my collection of on-the-go stash hoarding and soon-to-be-completed projects. It's all I've got until the kids go back to school. Ok, it's this or a week of photo-journaling the dishes drying in a rack. Day one: plastic rainbow dishes counterpoised with steely hard forks; day 2: pot stacking sculpture; day 3.......and you thought bags of yarn were boring?

*Did I forget to mention, I utilize some of my old handsewn bags as well? Made these long before I had a sewing machine and while they lack the qualities required for public exhibition, they make great stashing vessels.
**Just a side note (a little confession, really): This is, in , fact only a sampling of my hoarded goods. The rest is actually sitting in a plastic box in an unasuming corner of my home, where it can't mock my bags.


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