Friday, June 09, 2006

mun.dan'i.ty: n.

Average summer afternoon, home with the kids. Camera, current project, kid model...oh, and left over pics from dinner two nights ago = no excuse not to post on the blog. Enjoy.

What do you call a green sherbert yarnball on a cone of ombre colored yarn? ice cream dishcloth*

This is directly inspired by this post** at Mason-Dixon Knitting. But as you may have figured, I'm too cheap to buy the book for just one pattern...sweet as it may be. For less than the price of a single scoop, I got the gallon of goodness. What a refreshing internet treat.

And won't it come in handy, as the perfect after-dinner dessert clean-up dishcloth. We (meaning myself and my two not-picky-eater daughters), ate a delicious pot of crowder pea stew a couple of nights ago. It looks far less appetizing in a pic highlighting the dirty stove top, but it was yummy then. I'd share the recipe, but there was none. It's basically a big melange of random stuff mixed with a couple of fresh garden herbs.

And what summer day is complete without a little Blueberry Muffin nailpolish applied by my future cosmotologist to the stars. It 's such a lovely shade on her, don't ya think?

*Lame joke, I know. I'm the least funny person in my house. It's been voted on.

**Scroll down till you see a bunch of discloths. You'll know them when you see them.


Blogger ladylinoleum said...

I need to make a few of those dishcloths. I love the pattern!

2:14 PM  

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