Tuesday, December 27, 2005

All I Want For Christmas...

Is it wrong to be totally jealous of your child's Lego set? As a kid, it seems the Lego fairy just flew right past my house and gave them all to the two little boys living next door. Didn't have a clue what all the stink was about until my eldest son reached the age of Lego about two or so years ago and ever since then I have had to repress every urge to take over construction duty each time he's gets a new project. This year, Santa couldn't help herself and got him a doozie; the Polar Express knock-off kit with like a gazillion pieces. Oh, there was no way he wasn't gonna ask for help with this one, right? As it turns out, he enjoyed the challenge and I was relegated to piece-finding duty, again. Maybe the bright minds at Lego will appeal to us hands-on moms one year and turn out a snap together tiara with little blocks made of solid gold.

By the way, for all you moms who feel like you got gipped out of the early childhood medical forensics facial reconstruction kits (and you know who you are), some brilliant person in the universe blessed us with the, yes, "CSI: Forensic Facial Reconstruction Kit". It's a dream realized and I didn't even have to go through 8+ years of grueling medical study to do it. Thank you, brilliant person.

Happy New Year to all!


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