Saturday, December 03, 2005

Thrill of the Hunt

Needless to say, I've put this blog on the back burner for way to long and it's beginning to resemble something left to simmer since Thanksgiving. Urgh. I hope to break out the virtual brillo pad in the next week or so and give this place a little renewed shine. Until then, I must confess that it was not only the holidays and children that have kept me away but a shiny new pair of Dr. Marten boots that I've been angling for for some time(ten years at least) now. I spotted the fore-mentioned boots, a burgandy oil-finish eight eyelet pair, for $44 dollars at a local discount chain here!!! My heart lept. This score would have trumped my $12 pair of Birkenstocks from Dillards, because this here pair of boots were exactly the boots I've been determined not to pay $110 dollars for said number of years now. The Birks were a definite "It'll do for $12 bucks" kinda score. Anyhoo, the perfect pair of boots, the perfect price, and a crushing realization that every size but my own is sitting on the shelf in front of me. Heartbreak, though a bit of an actual real-life overstatement, is the only way I can describe my feelings at this loss. So I must confess to all that being unable to walk away from the prospect of a perfect shop-and-conquer deal, I spent the week or so after Thanksgiving revisiting the very same store (and every other shoe store in town for that matter) reliving the moment of failed conquest, chipping away at the futile hope that the next shipment would herald in my Holy Grail of shoe trophies. My husband insists that I'm being ridiculous not paying full price to begin with, but he just doesn't understand that it's the thrill of the ultimate discount hunt. 5%, 10%, even 20% off just doesn't give me the adrenaline rush and feeling of accomplishment that some $60 off can. Maybe as I scrub clean this here blog getting it ready for the New Year that is just around the corner, I'll consider renaming it "Get This Brain Smatter for Real REAL Cheap!!"



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