Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Not to worry...

It's not intended for anyone in particular. In fact, I can't decide if this is a witchdoctor doll or if it would qualify as a Voodoo doll. Although, it actually was intended as a Voodoo doll, just 'cause I like em'. The original idea was to build this guy in silver plate and copper riveting (adorned with various embellishments of metal, shell, feather, cloth, etc), but alas , children, money, moving, and sheer lack of time have prevented such an involved project as of yet. So, what's left to do but sew, right? [The colors aren't quite right in the photos, I apologize]

Keeping in mind this still a work in progress, he looks pretty good so far. I haven't been able to settle on how to paint his face as of yet. The body parts were sewn on a machine and added as hinged pieces with buttons, so the doll can sit and raise it's arms. The headdress is a combination of a pre-grouped feather thing that I added the brown-striped feathers to. The head is actually childrens' air-dry clay applied to a lg. popsiscle stick that I intend to stitch through to keep in place after the head is painted. The skirt is raffia knotted onto a piece of twine by hand. The beading, purse, and feathers in hand were all done by hand. There are a number of other adornments in my head that have yet to materialize, because, to be honest, I lack a certain amout of focus and nevermind my gaggle of children to be cared for. But it'll get done one of these days. I've already got dolls #2 and #3 on the brain already.



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