Saturday, December 17, 2005

Sure, Why Not?

As we pulled out the Christmas deco this year, I decided I was a little sick of the cheesy red felt stockings that were purchased in a hurried moment of need. (You gotta have sumthin' to put the coal in , right?) So, I figured that while I'm already in knee deep in holiday denial and overwhelmed by the prospect of gift-giving this year that I should go ahead and whip up a few homemade stockings for my crew.

Well, the first two went rather swimmingly. My three year old helped pick out all of her own fabrics and to my utter amazement, she managed to beautifully match hot pink naugahyde to some lovely vintage plaid and ethnic cotton remnants. For the wee girl (11 mths), I put together an easy-peasy number; just took a little extra care with the stitching. (I'm not a terribly good seamstress, I must confess.) Well, as I began to consult my eldest child about what he wanted on his, I got a laundry list of wintry goodness. Snowmen, snowflakes, wreaths, trees.... What else is there to do but take up the embroidery needle for the first time in at least.... well, ever. Why not? Chances of getting overwhelmed....sure, I'll take em'.

Low and behold, just a few days into the new project, a dear friend hits the shores after a long stint in Japan with a book full of wintry style embroidery. *Thanks, Sweets. I love it.* Being the guerrilla homemaker that I am, I attack the project with even more gumption and go-get-um, but quickly stray into freehand embroidery territory that begins to take far more time than I could've anticipated. But, honestly, just about anything that takes more than an afternoon to do is a bit much for me. So almost two weeks after stocking #3 was started, it still lay in pieces, a mere 7 days before Santa arrives. And I've only two stockings yet to go! (I do believe I mentioned I've got a problem with focus, right?) But hell's bells, I've got a new passion for embroidery and my kids can pretty well bank on plenty o' guilt gifts from Mamma Claus this year. Ho Ho Ho!



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