Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oyster Bay Beauty

Did some blocking this morning. Gosh, I finished this shawl almost a year ago and just never blocked it. And shame on me, because it turned out just beautiful and crisp and makes me want parade around in it. But all my knits make me feel that way these days. I think I may be projecting my love lost of screaming kids on my knits. Maybe?Anyway, it's Canapone, in Ice Blue, a lace-weight hemp that is perfect for sub-tropical heat down here. Once blocked, it comes off the surface as crisp as a sheet white paper and softens as you handle it . It kept it's shape out in the heat, no problem.The pattern, Oyster Bay Shawl by Lori Law, is simple enough and my only regret is that I didn't knit it larger. But it can always be done again, right? I did mine on US 4's. With this yarn I might switch to Us 6.



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So pretty :)

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