Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I think my class may be coming to close soon. Sometime in early August, at least. Still trying to decide if I'll take it again. I'd like to think I will.

Still knitting, but nothing worth showing at this point. Got stalled on my Anais pullover; waiting for another skein to show up in my mailbox. Other than that, it's all Ipod socks and fighting second sockitis. A bright spot though....that Ravelry is quite an accomplishment. You can queue up a lifetime of knitting projects that you never thought you wanted to knit before, in ten minutes flat. The only foreseeable problem is the inclination to not to talk about knitting here, however silly that may sound. Because it does connect with so many knitting blogs you may never have happened on otherwise. Maybe it's time to expand my bloggable horizons again.

In other once-enthusiastic-but-almost-forgotten news, I finally (ahem...a year later) got my Proteus painting "functionally" finished. I basically stared it day after day, standing on end, next to my drafting table for all these months and I let all the expectations of what I thought it ought to look like finished slip away. I just needed to paint the sketchy-ness away. Once I put it my table to polish off the edges, "until I got a chance to REALLY finish it", it took all of twenty minutes to make it hangable. And seriously now, who am I kidding? It's surface will likely never meet with another paintbrush again. But who cares. I love looking at it, hanging above my bed, all bright and cheery and semi-unfinished. It's basically everything I needed it to be. The end.



Blogger ladylinoleum said...

I love the painting too. It feels finished to me.

Your figure drawing is wonderful. Nothing like working from a live model eh?

3:39 PM  

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